What We're Looking For at Witz

At Witz, we're always looking to add to our talented team, those that appreciate a fast-paced, high-energy, and never-dull environment. Some key attributes we find particularly appealing:



intellectually curious

We like people that think differently, that can look at a story from a different angle, that can stitch together a compelling narrative, and are willing to uncover facts and figures that give a story immediacy, relevance, and heft. 



voracious appetite to learn

The tech market moves fast and our team members need to be able to keep pace with the latest innovations and understand how it can be used to help our clients tell their story.



like to be challenged

Witz Communications will push you to be better, to achieve more and to break outside your comfort zone. It will challenge you, frustrate you and ultimately, make you better.




First and foremost, we're storytellers. We like people that understand how to create a narrative, and then change it up based on the audience. We like people that can think on their feet, wake up in the middle of the night with story ideas, and are able to pull content from lots of sources that make stories richer.



dream in tech

At Witz, our clients represent a wide range of the technology market. From Internet of Things, mobile/telecom infrastructure, and security, we feast on the alphabet soup that is tech. We like people that are fluent or want to be fluent in tech to the point where they dream in tech speak.


current opening

Account Coordinator (NC or CA)

Account Manager (NC or CA)

Account Executive - Media Relations (NC)


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