Social media is a critical component of any communications strategy.

It’s not just a way to push content or drive website traffic; it’s also a way to engage with stakeholders, provide insight on industry topics, engage in real-time conversations, and measure qualitative engagement with prospects and influences. We integrate all these services with your marketing strategy.


analyze, audit, and plan

We will help you determine your social media strategy, jump-start your program by establishing key accounts, developing lists and communities, and providing a plan for enduring social media engagement.

social media management and monitoring

We monitor the conversations across the social media ecosystem and orchestrate the interactions between your company and key influencers.

content development

We work with you to create content for your social media sites – everything from LinkedIn profiles to Tweets to amplifying the range and reach of corporate blog postings.

metrics and measurement

We systematically measure your social media activity to identify strategic opportunities. Based on results, we continually assess and refine your social media plan to ensure it aligns with your marketing and business objectives.

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