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WitzEnd Podcast #22: Sascha Segan, Lead Analyst of

December 11, 2019

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WitzEnd Podcast #17: Tim Greene of Network World

August 20, 2019


This week, we begin our conversation with the reason behind the inception of the Witz End Podcast. It was created to prevent ‘PR fails.’ In other words, the podcast was a great opportunity to share the insights we gained from top reporters with PR professionals, so that everyone can have a better understanding of how to engage the media. Who better to interview than the legendary Tim Greene -executive editor of Network World!


Economize your words…


One of our favorite debates in the office is whether to keep a pitch short and sweet, or longer and more detailed. Tim Greene’s answer? Yes, to both. He said the most effective pitches get straight to the point. Pitches should not start with a, “I know you’re busy, but hear me out,” phrase. Tailor your pitch like a news story. Tim gave a great example with the following, “XYZ company just did this [insert fascinating action item here], to advance security in blank.” Once you’ve established the main idea, you can go into more detail about the specifics. But, don’t get too carried away! Tim put it perfectly when he said, “economize your words.” Make sure that every sentence you put down advances the reporter’s knowledge in whatever the pitch may be about.


Stay Current…


By staying current, we don’t mean keeping up with the fashion trends (unless fashion is actually your client’s market – then yes you should.) In general, keep up with current events. The host of the Witz End Podcast, Rich Williams, stated that it is our responsibility as public relations professionals to start the conversation. If you’re up to date on current events, then you can talk about interesting or relevant topics with both the expert and the journalist in that industry. Pro tip: read a major publication, and perhaps a vertical, so that you are well rounded when prompted in a conversation.


Speaking of trends…


We were curious to find out from Tim what we should be on the lookout for regarding 2019 tech trends. He said that at Network World, they are paying attention to SD-WAN because it is being so wildly adopted.


Start-ups are where it’s at…


When we asked Tim where the best place to work in IT was, he first mentioned journalism. He likes how journalism allows one to learn new things while also providing opportunities to talk to fascinating people. Tim said another great place to be at is a start-up. Tim admires people who work for start-ups because they are usually excited and fully engaged, noting that “they prove it by working 60-80 hours a week with little to nothing for pay.” He also enjoys the more ‘visceral’ and honest relationship that comes with start-ups because, “fewer people do the main functions that need to be done.”  


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