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WitzEnd Podcast Episode #18 – Jeff Heynen of Dell’Oro Group

September 10, 2019

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WitzEnd Podcast #12: Jeff Seal, Editor-in-Chief of Telecom Review North America

April 9, 2019

WitzEnd podcast episode #12 is diving deep into telecom with Editor in Chief of Telecom Review North America, Jeff Seal. Jeff has been covering the telecom industry for several years now, traveling all around the world (24,900 miles to be exact), and interviewing some of the biggest names in the industry. We discuss his experience working abroad, trends in the industry, and tips on how to be a more effective communicator.


Here are the biggest takeaways from our conversation. If you like what you’re reading, be sure to listen to the whole episode at the bottom of the page.


Technology is changing at an exponential speed


“What’s surprised me the most is how quickly technology is changing. I talk with people in various technology fields from all over the world, and technology is changing so much more quickly than the 1990’s or the 2000’s and people are having a hard time keeping up. It’s not only hard for companies to keep up with, but for people to spend the right amount of capital dollars to start implementing these new technologies is tough. There are a lot more people using technology now to run their business. People see that technology is going to streamline their business and help them enhance their revenue stream. If they do not get on the band wagon now, their competitors will run all over them.”


I think that’s a story

“Rural broadband should have been something that was fixed and already taken care of. As a consumer, if I really listened to or read the papers about the billions of dollars that have been sunken into rural broadband, I would go, ‘where have we spent all this money that we’ve already had to spend?’ We all pay huge amounts of fees on our mobile phones and one part of that is for rural broadband subsidies. I’d contend that we need an audit to what happened to the millions of dollars we’ve already allocated to that. I don’t think that it has been allocated properly. I’m not against rural broadband, but all this business of needing another ten billion dollars--where has all this other money been spent? This money has been spent on things that are not necessarily going to get broadband to the rural America in an efficient way. This keeps getting on the table every year, and why has this not been properly addressed in the past?”


IoT is a big deal


“I think the Internet of Things (IoT) is what I am most excited to see change and progress. The capabilities to deploy sensors, collect data and to use that data in a meaningful way. That’s what 5G is all about. As 5G progresses you have more and more small cells to collect more of that data. IoT is a big deal. I talk with a lot of different people in regard to this and they are able to make these types of decisions about how to deploy sensors in railroad train signals, the crossbars that go up and down, but you also have signals that are internal to the tracks when one train is going to pass another. Listening to them talk about how they are going to deploy sensors to make their business better and safer is really fascinating to me. It’s just in the beginning stages.”


Make your point


“The most uncomfortable interview for the person I’m interviewing is, I’ll talk to the CEO of a new company who doesn’t really have experience doing media type interviews and they come into the interview nervous, and rightfully so, but they want to get more publicity about what they are doing. I ask them a question, and they give me a two or three-word response. Any one in the industry who is interested in getting more press and business for their company needs to open up about what their business is doing. At a certain point I run out of questions. People need to elaborate on their answers and understand the point they are trying to get across about their products or services.”


Hear More…


If you’ve enjoyed these takeaways be sure to listen to our full interview, linked below. Also, be sure to listen to, rate and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play or SoundCloud.




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