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WitzEnd Podcast #22: Sascha Segan, Lead Analyst of

December 11, 2019

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Inside ReadWrite: A Brave New (connected) World

May 20, 2016

You may be familiar with ReadWrite as a source for industry news, reviews, and analysis on Web 2.0 and Web technology, as well as blog posts addressing the cultural aspects of startups. In 2015, Forbes even named ReadWrite one of the top 100 websites for entrepreneurs. Recently, however, the editorial staff at ReadWrite made the drastic decision to move away from covering general technology and reorganized to become “the only media platform tailored for the world of IoT.” We met up with ReadWrite’s Editor-in-Chief Christopher Caen and Associate Editor Trevor Curwin at our monthly Wine Wednesday event to get the inside scoop on what’s in store for the publication-become-platform and how brands can take advantage of its new model.


The decision to change ReadWrite started with the identification of a problem. Business leaders are being asked to make important decisions on IoT implementation with little to no context or community to support them. Once the need for such a resource was identified, ReadWrite made the move to fill the gap. Caen and Curwin soon realized that in order to address all of the various complexities of IoT, they would need to move beyond the silos of B2B or B2C technology. Instead, they identified that the best way to fully address IoT was to view it as an ecosFystem, rather than a technology or product. ReadWrite defines the IoT ecosystem as being comprised of developers, partners, technology, and customers. With a new Business-To-Ecosystem (B2E) model in mind, all aspects of ReadWrite have been built expressly to address and connect each of these touchpoints to create a more holistic view of this emerging technology.


Sponsorship Model
Working with brands such as Qualcomm, Alcatel Lucent, Samsung, Intel, and Microsoft (to name a few), ReadWrite provides audiences with well-informed and targeted editorial content that deliver the stories of entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. While the old ReadWrite was comprised of relatively ambiguous content sections with titles such as Code, Build, Structure, Connect, Lead, Find, Operate and Grow, the new ReadWrite is built to drive industry and innovation through tailored content sections that span the breadth of the quickly evolving IoT landscape. Section heads are now titled Devices, Health, Transport, Data/Security, Industrial, Cities, and Platforms, which cover the main verticals of the IoT ecosystem. Brands now have the opportunity to sponsor these verticals to more effectively reach the audiences that matter most to them and build their reputation as front-runners in their preferred vertical. Content contributed by enterprises and thought leaders is meant to both inform business leaders on the intricacies of IoT, and drive the adoption of connected technologies. The result of this innovative sponsorship model is the creation of an online resource that provides deep expertise to business leaders who can then make informed decisions when it comes to developing their IoT strategy.


The Future of ReadWrite
So what’s next for ReadWrite? Caen’s goal is to continue building out the publication’s community of partners and remain a resource for business leaders and enterprises looking to move forward with incorporating an IoT strategy into their infrastructure. “Our content lives at the intersection of entrepreneurs and enterprise, the birthplace of these new technologies that will impact every industry they touch,” says Caen. With this change, ReadWrite’s audience has shifted from programmers and developers, to executives and mid-level employees who are making decisions on products, services and revenue. In addition to the publication’s shift in editorial focus, ReadWrite plans on being more involved in IoT-focused events (the publication recently owned a stage at Internet of Things World in Santa Clara), and even owning its own panels. A video series and additional multimedia content is also said to be on the horizon.


What do you think of ReadWrite’s new model? Do you think other tech publications will follow suit?



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