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WitzEnd Podcast #22: Sascha Segan, Lead Analyst of

December 11, 2019

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PR Tip 22 – Stay Focused on the Journey

March 23, 2016

 In any career, it’s easy to lose focus, especially if you’ve been in a job or on an account for a while. Things move from unfamiliar to familiar, from interesting to routine and you move from active to passive. The trouble is, good PR isn’t passive and needs to be much more than checking boxes and issuing releases.


It’s hard to stay focused on the client journey, especially if the client only wants to talk about certain aspects of their business (products, technology, people, services, etc.) and aren’t willing to tell a more complete story. It is also easy to get worn down by the same account issues, people conflicts, repetitive editing cycles that drain the soul and numb the mind. But, you have to rise above to see where the journey is headed or you will fail.


Why? Because when you get disconnected from the journey, you don’t know where you will end up. If you let your mind wander to other accounts or any of the multitude of pressures, plans, activities or drama that life can throw at you, you’re doing a disservice to your client or company.


So how do you stay connected? By making sure you understand both the journey your client or company is on and how each step moves them along it. By investing your own time, energy and a bit of intellectual curiosity into helping the client move forward, you will see how their journey is part of your own.


If you’re not invested, then why are you involved? Companies today have so many ways to influence the market and attract potential customers. They have a direct voice to almost anyone through social media, they can create videos that articulate a compelling story and write blogs that share what they are doing from an insider’s view. All of these tactics can and should be part of a comprehensive PR program. Do they really need a PR person that is disengaged or disinterested in what they are doing and why? The pretty simple answer is no so get interested or get out of the way.

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