Witz Communications handles not only the do's and don'ts of media engagement. We work with our clients to effectively deliver their message to the right media in order to get the best and most valuable coverage.

Witz Communication's training courses tackles the increasing challenge of working within a variety of media outlets and uses real-world examples to show how powerful interviews can be. By the end of the training, company representatives will learn how to consistently deliver the company's key messages and will have the confidence to take control in any media interview scenario.

Media relations is how we help our clients tell stories. And like any good story, there are lots of different ways to tell it.

executive visibility

Creating opportunities for C-Level execs to showcase thought leadership, articulate management best practices, and comment on trends and market shifts the matter most to their business is a key focus for how we keep our clients connected and engaged.

point of view

We start by understanding our client's view of the market, where it's going and what opportunities lie ahead, then create opportunities for our clients to join the ongoing industry conversation.

press releases

The role of the press release has changed over the past decade, as companies have a more direct line of communication to customers and prospects. Today, values-based press releases that help media understand the story potential is where Witz shines.


From deep technology dives to commentary on regulatory shifts, the team at Witz helps our clients shape a unique voice in the marketplace.

customer profiles

Witz is adept at helping create stories and adjacent story lines based on how customers are leveraging our client's products, technology and services. This approach helps open up opportunities in mainstream media, vertical publications and business press.

media events

From sponsored media trips to annual press and analysts events, Witz can help organize, plan and execute custom media events that help you tell your story, at home and on the road.

media training

Interactive, personalized media training is an excellent way for executives and company spokespersons to learn how to be more effective representatives of their organization in speaker settings, media and analyst interviews and industry forums.

 interview insight

Understanding how a reporter might approach an interview or story arc is critical to ensuring a successful conversation with the media. At Witz, our custom database helps our customers prepare so they put their best foot forward.

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