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In a constantly evolving global marketplace, are you staying connected with your customers, prospects and partners? If your message hasn’t evolved with your company, the answer is probably not. Witz Communications is a public relations firm designed to help you successfully transition through each phase of your company’s growth – from launch to early adopter to mass market adoption to a successful exit. As your company’s business objectives change, so should your message. We’re here to help.


As a leading technology PR and corporate communications firm, we help our clients successfully manage the transition between each phase of the company’s growth to ensure the market understands the who, what, when, how and why they are relevant. We are an issues-oriented, market-focused PR and messaging firm that understands how the market moves and what companies need to communicate broadly, as well as to specific audiences they need to reach and influence. We work with our clients to develop robust outbound communications programs, which include forward-thinking communications plans, comprehensive competitive messaging analysis, values-based messaging and development of industry advocates.



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