At Witz, we focus on creating value-based content that speaks directly to your customers, partners and other influencers. Our goal is to the set the market based on your strengths by leveraging the existing and emerging trends that shape industry conversations.


case studies

Making your client the hero is always a good thing. Our case study program is centered on how your products and technology-enabled a customer to achieve their personal and professional goals and objectives. We then fold this content into Point of View pitches, sales collateral, award and speaking abstracts, and into social programs.



The rise of social networks creates opportunity and risk. At Witz, we'll help create messaging that can be used across all social media platforms, customized for how prospects on those platforms want to see it. We will also help you establish guidelines that help manage the risk associated with the always on, often anonymous social networks.


white papers

Technical and business case white papers are an effective mechanism to tell a complete story to the marketplace and help turn interest into action from prospects. Witz can ghost write these or manage our affiliated technical writers.


use case/application briefs

Short, crisp application notes about how products and technology can be used is an effective sales tool to articulate how a customer or prospect can use your company's products or services to achieve their market and business objectives. The in-staff content team at Witz can help you create the narrative that helps customers understand the real-world usage applications that your products enable.


trend and market briefs

Through our connections with leading industry and financial analysts, media and other industry influencers, Witz can help you stay a step ahead of emerging market trends and media opportunities that arise. We will monitor key developing issues, from standards bodies, to regulatory issues or market shifts that can help your company lead and shape the industry conversation.



Digital content ranges from video to podcasts, webinars to e-newsletters, to blogs, website copy and any other home for content that can help engage, inform and motivate customers and prospects. Witz can help create the right message for any digital delivery platform, and create the engagement hooks to make sure it connects.

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