Have you ever wondered what your customers really think of your brand? Does the customer's knowledge of your brand match your brand identity? Surprisingly enough, these two perspectives are not always in sync.

Witz Communications offers a Brand Audit service to help you uncover what your brand really means to your most important audience - your customers. A Brand Audit uncovers the key value attributes associated with your company and reveals both the knowledge and identity your customers associate with your brand.


Brand Knowledge reveals answers to the following questions:

  • What is your brand promising to deliver?

  • Is the promise still important to customers?

  • Is it based on real strengths?

  • Does it reflect a real competitive advantage?


Brand Identity, on the other hand, looks at the following:

  • Do people know what your brand stands for?

  • Does it have staying power and is it tied to, or separate from, the technology and products you sell?

  • Is it resonating and if so, with whom?


Witz Communication can help you utilize this information to develop a core set of messaging that will better match your customer's expectations on what you deliver and help motivate them to a desired action for you and your products.

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