Analyst Engagement is much more than just analyst relations.  Analysts are a key element for third-party insights, market trend identification and validation of a company’s differentiation and this goes beyond simple analyst relations.


Witz has deep, long-standing relationships with the most influential analysts across a broad range of technologies and markets. We leverage our experience working with the analyst community to get the most out of your analyst spend whether that be time or money to ensure measurable results that meet your business requirements.

analyst champions

Building strong relationships with your most important analysts can help create analyst champions who will be strong references and participate in marketing and PR activities.


analyst perception audits

We start by conducting blind audits to benchmark analysts’ current perceptions of your company and identify strategies for cultivating deeper relationships.


message testing

Witz will select key analysts for message testing to determine if any changes should be made to messaging before a client introduces a new product or solution or corporate positioning. 


strategy sessions

Witz will select key analysts to participate in strategy workshops with our clients to gain unfiltered and confidential 3rd party input into corporate strategic positioning, product line rationalization, competitive review meetings or other strategic needs.


analyst briefings

We establish introductory meetings with new analysts and schedule update calls to strengthen existing relationships, and develop a quarterly briefing schedule.


customer reference programs

A customer reference program enables analysts to tap into your customers for validation and anecdotal information.

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